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Welcome to ATC

ATCAviation is a growing business with a quickly changing climate. Worldwide pilot shortage, lack of qualified simulator instructors, training capacity and seasonal peaks.

Those are only some of the problems airline companies have to deal with on a day-to-day basis.

Passionate about flying

Sharing the same passion, 3 airline pilots decided to combine their aviation knowledge and training experience in order to assist airline companies with the recurring problems metioned above.

ATC Services


Aircraft Ferry and Delivery Flights

ATC provides ferryflight support for the purpose of:

  • returning an aircraft to base
  • delivering a new aircraft from its place of manufacture to its customer
  • moving an aircraft from one base of operations to another or moving an aircraft to or from a maintenance facility for repairs, overhaul or other work

Our dedicated and highly qualified pilots are able to deliver any airplane from any location to any location in the world for B737CL/NG, B767, B787, EMB

Simulator Training and Checking

ATC can assist any airline , flightschool or any individual who is looking for recurrent training and license revalidation for B737CL/NG, B767, B787, EMB

ATC can provide any simulator training centre with highly professional instructors for B737CL/NG, B767, B787, EMB with the commitment to meet airline standard operating procedures or your individual training goals.

Flight Crew Leasing

Seasonal peaks, lack of training capacity and aviation contracts abroad are recurrent problems which airline companies needs to tackle yearly.

ATC can deliver high qualified B737/B767/B787 crews for short or long time missions and contracts all over the world.

Contact us for a tailored fitted solution.

This is your Captain Speaking

Did you ever dream of being an airline pilot or do you wonder how it feels to fly a big aircraft?

We give you the opportunity to explore this experience in a full motion 737 simulator which perfectly replicates the feeling of flying. Together with a professional airline pilot/instructor you will take the controls and land the aircraft yourself at your favourite vacation destination or at almost any airport in the world.

A perfect gift or a surprising idea for an incentive.

Meet our Team


Current Licences:

  • CPT B787: 600 hours — licenced B777
  • CPT B737 300/900: 600 hours
  • TRI B737

Past Experiences:

  • CPT B767: 500 hours
  • CPT F100: 700 hours
  • A330 200/300 and A340: 3200 hours


Current Licences:

  • CPT B787: 500 hours
  • CPT B767: 600 hours
  • CPT B737NG: 600 hours
  • TRI-TRE B737NG
  • TRI B767

Past Experiences:

  • CPT B767: 500 hours


Current Licences:

  • CPT B787: 600 hours
  • CPT B737NG: 600 hours
  • TRI B737NG

Past Experiences:

  • CPT B767: 500 hours


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